In School Residencies

Grade Levels: K – 12
Duration: 1 workshop session to 10 full days
Maximum number of students per class: 30

Technical needs: classroom, electrical outlets, tables, blinds on windows
Length of Lesson: 1 – 1.5 hour class period

Instructional Objectives:

  • Introduce students to alternative photographic processes.
  • Incorporate the basic visual fundamentals using photography – line, form, textures, tones depth and colour. Also, students will learn reversals in tone as photography uses positives and negatives.
  • History of photography
  • How photography is the art of physics, light and chemistry.

Description of Activities Offered:

Cyanotypes, Grade 7 class

Cyanotypes, Grade 7 class

Explore the amazing world of cameraless photography using historical photographic processes combined with modern technology. The workshops and residency will introduce and involve students in the exciting world of photography through the use of various historical processes. Many of these processes have more similarities to the art of printmaking and painting then photography. The photographic element is captured through the essence of reproducing an image in exact likeness of itself using unique methods and materials. This entire procedure can take place under normal light conditions.

Schools may directly contact me to arrange for a time and date for a workshop. Consultation with individual schools will take place for planning the residency to meet the specific needs of the school. Residency can include: class presentations, workshops, exhibition, and individual consultation with students. An exhibition of the students work at the end of the residency is an option.

Diazzo, Grade 4 class

Diazzo, Grade 4 class

Sun Prints

The purpose of the workshops and residency is to offer students the opportunity to explore photography using alternative photographic processes. Each session will introduce the visual fundamentals through the use of these photographic techniques. The history of photography will also be touched upon lightly including the invention, chemistry, physics and art – appropriate to each grade level.

Sun prints are as the name implies, photographic prints using either found objects or photographs copied onto transparency film and then exposed to sunlight. The materials used will be supplied and are included in the price of the workshops (per student fee) and residency fee.

Creating prints without a camera is an exciting process because many different techniques and forms are utilized, approaching the arts of photography, printmaking and painting.

Grandview Heights School

Grandview Heights School

Artist Bio

Candace Makowichuk, professional visual artist, arts educator and arts administrator, will introduce participants to one of the many historical photographic processes. Candace has extensive experience in educating the public on the importance and impact the visual arts have on our community and lives. Through workshops and residencies on historical photographic processes she has instilled a renewed interest in non-digital and historical photography.

Her education includes Art and Design from the University of Alberta, Photographic Technology from NAIT, Arts and Cultural Management from Grant MacEwan and various workshops. Her work is represented in public collections within Alberta, private collections within Canada and exhibitions throughout the province.


  • Through the Alberta Foundation for the Arts Artist and Education program:
    • Meyonohk, Edmonton, AB (Grades K-6)
    • Virginia Park, Edmonton, AB (Grades K-6)
    • Mount Royal, Edmonton, AB (Grades K – 6)
    • Leo Nickerson, St. Albert, AB (Grades 2 & 4)
    • Grandview Heights, Edmonton, AB (Grades 1 –9)
    • Rolling Hills School, Rolling Hills AB   (Grades K – 9)
    • J.A. Williams High School, Lac La Biche AB   (Grades 9 – 12)
  • Virginia Park School, Edmonton – Art Quake Day
  • Virginia Park School, Edmonton – MADD Art Day
  • Highlands Junior High School, Edmonton – Alberta Culture Day
  • Nina Haggerty Centre
  • Arts on the Ave
  • Various Preschools
  • McMullen Gallery
  • St. Albert Art Gallery
  • Chrysallis, Edmonton
  • East Glen High School Edmonton
  • Various public and private schools, Edmonton

Candace can be reached by email at or 780-919-0803.

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