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Sun prints are as the name implies, photographic prints using either found objects or photographs on transparencies that are exposed to sunlight. The specific paper used produces prints in an elegant cyan colour.
Creating prints without a camera is an exciting process because many different techniques and forms are utilized, approaching the arts of photography, printmaking and painting.

The Sun Print workshop will introduce students to one of the many historical photographic processes available.
Each session will incorporate basic visual fundamentals as well as the history of photography, including the invention, chemistry, physics and art – appropriate to each grade level.
As this process only reacts to strong u.v. light, students are able to work on their prints under normal classroom conditions.

Curriculum Links:
• Social Studies: can use pictures from specific cultures, communities, and/or geographical locations students are
• Family Concepts: Students may bring in pictures of their family.
• Science: Solar energy and light spectrum as process uses u.v. light. Also it is all about chemistry.
• Language Arts: Completed work can be incorporated into written assignments.

Time: 60 to 90 minutes depending on grade and project.

Minimum 10 students.

Able to accommodate up to 4 classes per day per school depending on length of sessions.

Additional Workshops:

Sun Paint T-Shirts:

Level: Grade 6 and up
– available only in Sept, Oct, April, May, or June
Time: 90 minutes
Minimum 15 students

Level: Grade 6 and up
-available only in Sept, Oct, April, May, or June
Time: 90 minutes
Minimum 15 students

For Additional Workshops students will need to bring in a photo of their choice which I will pick up two weeks in advance of your session – either one 4”x 6” or one 5”x 7”’per student. These photos will be copied onto transparency film. Photos will be returned.

Residencies also available and your school may qualify for a grant from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts through the Organizational Project Grants, Artists and Education Grant stream.

For Booking, Fees and More Information:

Candace Makowichuk
Phone: 780 – 919 – 0803

Additional workshops available.
Please contact for cost and more information:
• Junior/Senior High: Sun Paint Banners, T-Shirts, Pin Hole Photography, Camera Obscura.