2017/18 Cemetery Artist In Residence

In May of 2017, I became the first Artist in Residence for the City of Edmonton Cemeteries. I produced a body of work on my artistic interpretation of the seven municipal cemeteries and the one traditional burial ground. Shooting with both film and digital, I captured a variety of the elements found within cemeteries – from the landscape to the decorative work of monuments and grave markers. Working both in a studio space in the Niche Building at Mount Pleasant Cemetery and my darkroom, the work produced during this residency was in exhibitions throughout the City of Edmonton and Calgary in late 2017 and 2018.

December 10 to Jan 20:”How to Say Goodbye: An Obituary for Canadian History”, Dec 10-Jan 20, Mile Zero Dance, Edmonton.

February 23rd & 24th:”Lux & Umbra”, Chapel at Union Cemetery, Calgary. http://www.equinoxvigil.ca/lux-umbra/

May8-21: “Time Passes, Love Remains”, Edmonton City Hall, Main Floor. Opening Reception Tuesday May 8th from 12noon to 2pm.https://www.facebook.com/events/1819616668345527/

August 24–Sept 8: “VIVA!, in support of Equinox Vigil”, curated by Sharon Stevens, supported by Jarvis Hall Gallery, Calgary